Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our olive trees are situated in the ideal habitat for their full development.

The flavour that results from their blending is a harmonious and sensous mix of the varieties of olives traditionally grown in our area.


Moraiolo produces a fruity, spicy and vegetal oil, rich in overtones which are remiscent of the fresh olives, with hints of herbs and a slight bitterness.

Frantoio is characterized by a persistent smell of fresh (cut?) grass, with hints of sour apple, accompanied by spices and a balanced bitterness.

Leccino provides a fruity oil with delicate floral notes. It gives harmonious sensations of sweet almond with hints of pepper.

San Felice:
LFinally, San Felice gives an oil with delicate sensations of field herbs and artichoke, together with a delicate bitterness.